Why Facebook Has Turned Itself Into a Social Media Phenomenon When It Comes to Business Marketing

The Facebook PhenomenonEver since it was created, Facebook has taken the world by storm. No one ever imagined how big this social network would become. Just recently, Facebook exceeded 500 million users and has now become the number one activity on the internet.From children through to students and professionals through to the famous, Facebook has even attracted the attention of presidents. The Facebook social media phenomenon has changed the way in which we all communicate with our family, friends, work colleagues and customers. It has even changed the way in which we hear news. According to the Facebook inventors:”If Facebook were a country, it would be the fifth-largest country in the world, after China, India, the U.S., and Indonesia!” Facebook. After the launch of YouTube and Twitter social sites, it became obvious that these social media sites were changing the way people were interacting online. It was at this point that businesses were also slowly realising that in order to stay ahead of their business competitors they had to seriously consider using these new tools and immerse themselves into this new technology and style of marketing.Facebook Marketing for BusinessThe impact Facebook hashad on business can be seen today with over 1.5 million businesses having an active business page on the social network. The power of Facebook is incredible. Businesses have realised that Facebook can be used to get customers talking about their products, services and promotions with their friends, colleagues and family.The power of Facebook for business has surpassed expectations. By ignoring this social network a business is ignoring a valuable internet marketing tool that is just as powerful, if not more, than direct mail and direct promotions. By interacting with your customers online via social networking you will find out about your products, brand and what customers think of you as a business. You can gain valuable data and insights into your business that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.Social media consultants will tell you that Facebook is a great platform for improving your businesses customer service. You can encourage your customers to contact you via Facebook should they have any problems with the goods or services they have purchased. Once they have purchased from you, Facebook is the ideal place to let others know about the product and service and get customers actively promoting your business and providing feedback. Once you set up your business page on Facebook, you simply encourage your customers to ‘Like’ your page.By asking your customers to ‘Like’ your page it will be visible on their status where their circle of friends will see the ‘Like’ and decide to visit the page to see what it is about. As you gain followers you can send messages to all followers informing them of the latest news or any special promotions you are running – the more you do to get your customers talking the more you will attract new customers.If you are just getting started with Facebook marketing, it’s likely you will need the support of a Web Design and SEO company that specialises in social media marketing to help you to get the ball rolling and provide some initial training. But don’t despair; there are hundreds of specialists providing social media marketing services that you can get advice from. Don’t forget to use blogs and forums where possible as there will be lots of people who are happy to provide further support and talk about their own experiences using Facebook for business marketing.

10 Business Marketing Ideas for Facebook

I want to provide you with a few simple business marketing ideas for Facebook. But first, you need to know the secret of success on Facebook. Here it is:The #1 thing to remember when marketing on Facebook is that Facebook is a social network, not a sales network. Relationships are what Facebook is built around, so to be successful on it, you need to be more relational than promotional.That’s not to say that you are not out to make a profit on Facebook. Let’s get this straight. I am writing this article because I want to help you and your business to expand online. You simply need to have the right approach as you move forward with a few of these business marketing ideas.When you start to realize the magnitude of people on Facebook (750 million users as of 2011), the temptation for businesses can be to jump into with an overly promotional attitude, leading to poor traffic levels and not a great sales boost either.There is a massive customer-base to tap into, so how do we do it?Here are a few of my business marketing ideas for how you can get started with social media marketing on Facebook:1. Your Facebook Profile: Your first opportunity to give your business an online personality. The first step is don’t go into auto-pilot and just fill out generic information that leaves no personal impression on your viewers. Enjoy the process of joining the online community. Have fun with it, be creative, and open up a little to your target audience. Allow employees the option of including their names on the profile, and writing something about themselves. Always stay professional, but not overly formal. Share your company’s goals and passions. Your goal is to break down some of the consumer resistance by making your business approachable and human.2. Photos: Posting photos on Facebook is another great way to interact with your target audience. I would recommend limiting the initial amount of photos you post. A couple to start will do. Always make them professional, but again, human. Build this up with more personal company pictures as you go. Every time you reach out to your target customers, you are building trust.3. Facebook Posts: Make regular posts on Facebook. The key is ongoing activity. Remember, on Facebook, it’s all about relationships. How are relationships sustained? Through communication. So communicate with your target audience! Of all the business marketing ideas for Facebook, making regular, high quality posts is perhaps the most important. Don’t be afraid to share thoughts about your industry, or share resources that can be helpful for your clients. Post useful articles, and also about any community events that your business is involved with. You can write on just about any topic related to your business. Be creative and give your company some personality!4. Facebook Friends: You can view your Facebook Friends similar to how you would view a subscriber list on your website. These are people who are interested in the product or service you offer, and trust you enough to give you their information so they can keep in touch with you. Never take them for granted. These are people who can become recurrent customers, as well as give your business a credible online presence and reputation. Provide them with regular, helpful content that will make you a valuable resource in their life so they will stick around.5. Facebook Groups: Create a group(s) with relevant information related to your industry. Make it interesting and reward those who join. Post photos, start discussions with your “friends”, include videos and links. Members can invite others while you watch the size grow.6. Facebook Pages: Create a page(s) with Facebook applications, as well as HTML and Flash. This is another opportunity for you to interact with your target audience. You can send your “fans” messages and keep them informed about your topic.7. Facebook Events: This is a really great way to engage your target customers, especially for local businesses. Create an event page about something exciting that your business is involved in your community that you want to invite people to.8. The News Feed: The news feed is the listed content that appears when you open up Facebook. It tells your friends what you’re up to, based on what you post. Stay up to date with this. Try to post something new every week, or depending on how much time you have, every day!9. Networks: Identify a relevant network that you can join which will connect you with people in your target audience. Then, get involved regularly and participate.10. Facebook Ads: A great way to get immediate exposure for your business on Facebook is by creating an ad that will show up on the sidebar for Facebook users. When they click the link, it can take them right to your business and give you instant traffic. Do this once you have established yourself as a trusted presence on Facebook.Always remember that relationships are what Facebook is about. Stay active, retain an ongoing online presence, and you will see your business reputation increase accordingly. That concludes our Top 10 business marketing ideas for Facebook!

The 3 Pieces Of Small Business Marketing Advice You Should Never Follow

If you own and operate some kind of small business, then surely you’d like a steady stream of new customers walking into your store each and every day, right? Of course you would. Who wouldn’t?And a good new customer goal would be around 10 new faces a day. This depends on the size of your business., and what you sell. But for the sake of this article, let’s stick with a goal of 10.Alright, now what I’m going to show you is some bad advice (I recently read) about marketing a small business. And then I’m going to show you what you should do in place of this advice. Are you ready?Bad Small Business Marketing Tip #1:You should look for the least costly ways to advertise. This is a very bad piece of advice. And let me explain why:You should not look for low cost marketing. What you want is effective marketing. Marketing that at least breaks even, and at best puts money into your business right away.Just like a pair of blue jeans. Do you want the cheapest pair of blue jeans? Or do you want jeans that do what you need them to do?In fact, the only measure of a good small business marketing promotion is whether it puts enough new customers into your business to pay for itself. Sometimes, a great piece will make money on the first go. But remember, the money in a new customer is their value over a period of time.Bad Small Business Marketing Tip #2:You should be concerned about your image.I understand why many small business owners may agree with this. After all, you invested a lot of money to open your business. Plus all the time it took you to get “good” at whatever it is you do. So it only seems right that your marketing image should be foremost in your mind.Right? No way, Jose.And here’s why:In no way am I saying your marketing should be offensive. But it should be outrageous. It should be fun. It should grab attention, and set you apart from your competition who launch boring (me too) campaigns.First and foremost you should care about the results your marketing sends you. So relax and focus on the results your marketing delivers, and not get so caught up with your image.Bad Small Business Marketing Tip #3:You should get your name “out there”. Whatever that means? No, in fact this is a bad piece of advice that will cost you a ton of money.Never forget, the only goal of your marketing is to deliver more sales. Period. And a good direct response marketing piece does this on the first go round. It doesn’t need to sit out there for months before it works.The important takeaway here is to test and track your small business marketing.